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Alistratis Cave

The main sectors of the cave are developed at the right and left side of the main entrance with dimensions of 60 m wide, 100 m long and 20-30 m height at the first part of the cave’s chamber. In this chamber Nature wanted to show its most intense beauty having created some of the best adornments in Greece and Europe. As the visitor proceeds the natural decor is richer in white stalactites that form a curtain shape. In the deeper chamber there are some impressive red stalactites which have been given the name 'FLAMES' and their height reaches approximately 35 meters. At this point the two main chambers are joined and form a wider and taller sector , with huge and magnificent stalactites 15m. hanging from the ceiling. There are also countless levels in the cave that are not yet known.

The photos belong to the cultural department of Serres perfecture.
Photographers : Zisis Mandiotis, Michalis Konstantinidis, Xhristina Papafragou